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"...Splash! MAX should find its way into virtually every animator's toolbox.     ...truly remarkable."
-Ron LaFon, Cadalyst Magazine
"We found Rubicon Beach's Splash! MAX physics-based fluid motion both extremely realistic and easy (and fun!) to use. This plugin is indispensable for serious 3D Studio Max animators!"
-Gregory Pyros, Pyros Pictures
"Amazing, this plugin is revolutionary, my eyes were watering (pun intended!!) "
-Benoit Girard, Emmy Award Winner
Digital Dimension
What is Splash! MAX?
Splash! MAX is a core component plug-in for Discreet 3D Studio MAX animation system. Splash! MAX is a revolutionary tool for the realistic animation of splashing fluids and vessel wakes.
Traditionally, effects like these have been approximated with canned ripples and space warps involving time-consuming adjustments, usually with uninspiring results. But Splash! MAX uses principles of fluid mechanics and a mathematical fluid model at its core which completely automates fluid behavior -- with unprecedented realism. The only thing the animator must do is select the objects in the scene that they wish to have an effect on the fluid, and adjust some fluid properties if desired. Splash! MAX does the rest!
With widely customizable parameters, you can achieve a wide range of fluid behavior. From a cup of coffee to an open sea... from water to molasses... it's all a snap with Splash! MAX. Masking allows you to model fluid bodies of irregular contour - while maintaining proper ripple reflection. Fully controllable fluid and spray parameters let you achieve that 'just-right' look you are striving for. You will wonder how you got by without this tool.
Splash! MAX is a must-have tool in every serious animator's toolbox. But don't take our word for it -- evaluate it for yourself. Just download some samples to see what it can do, or go straight to the demo version and see what all the excitement is about.
Where can I get my hands on it?
Splash! MAX is distributed by Digimation, and can be purchased on-line or by telephone directly from them. Here is Digimation's info:
Add To Basket  $ 195 
(On-Line purchase via  
Digimation's Secure Website)
150 James Drive East, Suite 140
St. Rose, LA 70087
fax 504.468.5494
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